We recommend 4 basic starter packages for all our beloved parents/elders.

Basic Essentials Health Plan – (At Home Service)
  1. As age advances joint pains occur because of lack of Vitamin D

  2. Rheumatoid arthritis is very common in Old age again due to lack of proteins

  3. With this package we check all other parameters regarding Heart, Diabetes, Thyroid, Kidney & Complete Hemogram

Cardiac Risk Marker – (At Home Service + Visit to Clinic in case our doctor recommends)
  1. Indepth test for a certain any heart related diseases

  2. Also combination of stress test and ECG on Doctor recommendation.

Vitamin B Complex Profile – (At Home Service)
  1. Our parents are prone to Vitamin B deficiencies.

  2. This often causes tingling & numbness of hands and legs.

  3. Often vegetarians are prone to Vitamin B deficiency.

Cancer Test for Male – (At Home Service)
  1. Prostate Specific Antigen is a protein produced by cells of the prostate gland, which needs to keep in check

  2. Otherwise, leading to cancer.

Cancer Test for Female – (At Home Service)
  1. CA 125 is tested to measure protein (cancer antigen) in your blood which needs to be kept in check.

  2. Otherwise, leading to ovarian cancer.

Advanced Senior Citizens Health Plan – (Visit to Clinic Needed)
  1. All the above tests are combined into one.

  2. Services of this package are only available in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore.

Basic Essentials Health Plan for Your Parents

@ Rs. 3105 Only
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Advance Senior Citizens Health Plan (Mumbai Only)

@ Rs. 8740 Only
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Cardiac Risk Marker  (Maharashtra Only)

@ Rs. 2070 Only
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Vitamin B Complex Profile

@ Rs. 2760 Only
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Cancer Test Male

@ Rs. 552 Only
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Cancer Test Female

@ Rs. 770 Only
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In case you need any other tests or any advice on any ailment or want to know more about the above test. You are welcome to call us at 09920013300